Lahden satama parkrun #10 – run report

Lorna Koskela oli meillä Lahdessa vierailevana run directorina 12. marraskuuta. Tässä hieman hänen kokemuksiaan parkrunin vapaaehtoistoiminnasta.

Why volunteer at parkrun?: Lahden satama parkrun #10 Nov 12th 

I get asked that a lot!

It’s easy to answer too … it’s a JOY to me to ensure that parkrun happens, and while I really love running the routes it’s great to volunteer so that others can run too!

It was really important for me that the ED, Noora, and her husband Reima, who’ve worked so hard to get this newish parkrun event up and running, could get to run too, so I travelled up to Lahti yesterday (about 3 1/2 h by coach from my home town, Turku) in order to be the RD today.

It was perhaps the easiest gig yet.

They’d worked hard to get a volunteer team together, sent out the reminders and even processed the results after the event … so all I had to do, really, was help set up and check the course (with them!)  and then oversee the event, cheering walkers and runners on!

It went very smoothly and was FUN!

We’ve had awful weather for a few days here in Finland, but today the sun shone - and while there was a really fresh wind “raikas ilma!” (that made the lake seem more like the sea with spectacular crashing waves) it was unseasonably warm and lovely to be out and about!

Today, in addition to the core volunteer team, there were 23 participants, six of whom (including the tail walker) got a PB! Well done also to Katia who participated for the very first time and was the fastest finisher today! There were two other first timers today too and two newbies who haven’t yet registered* - we hope you liked it enough to come back again soon!

My thanks to everyone for making me so welcome. I look forward to running and volunteering with you again in the future!


Lorna from Turku, one day we will have a parkrun of our own!

*participation in parkrun is free for everyone. To see your time you do need to register (just once!) - your results are sent directly to your email address and posted on line. Register here

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