Tampere parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Tampere parkrun #125 – International Women’s Day

IMG_6172Fantastic International Women’s Day parkrun in Tampere Finland

7th March 2020

Tampere’s 125th parkrun

Congratulations to everyone who joined us today to celebrate international Women’s Day. Many of us were wearing suffragette purple and it was particularly wonderful to see so many purple 25 volunteer t shirts because, as you know, without volunteers there would be no parkrun.

Today we were very happy to celebrate Jarmo’s 25th time of volunteering. Yay you will now get the coveted purple volunteer t shirt! Well done!

Volunteering, as Jarmo and others will testify, is a great way to get to know other parkrunners a bit better: core tasks are the Run Director (RD), 2 time keepers, a token giver, a scanner and a tail walker, but we also need help each week with setting up the parkrun, taking the u turn sign, packing up stuff, token sorting, result processing and writing the report. If you are able to help in any of these tasks next week or in the future please sign up. We’d really appreciate your help!

Congrats today to everyone who participated in today’s parkrun in sunny wintery Tampere, especially the five first timers. We hope you enjoyed your run with us today and really do hope to see you again soon!

It was lovely that today was Tampere marathon club’s parkrun Saturday ... which meant they incorporated the parkrun into their training. We love you joining us! Especial thanks to Suvi for the fabulous women’s day warm up! I really enjoyed it (even if I didn’t get a good time today I at least had a better and more enjoyable run because of it)

There are no winners or losers in parkrun but huge congratulations to today’s first finishers ... for the first time in ages (as far as I can remember) ... the first finishing male was pushed over the finishing line by a very fast female runner. WOW WOW WOW! Huge respect to you Nuppu for helping Vesa get a new PB (personal best) this morning and for finishing yourself in your second best parkrun time ever! Well done!

There were 6 other PBs today: Merly, Cristian, Katta, Javad, Kari and Sari. Well done! It’s always fantastic to see improvements and you can each give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back at your achievement today!

The weather was perfect for winter running today and last night when I went out to do a pre course check I was also treated a bonus of the most spectacular winter scenes! I used spikes today (and yesterday) because they give me confidence in icy conditions but they weren’t really necessary and most people ran in normal running shoes.

My thanks as ever to the RD (this week Nina) for making sure everything went well. There were a few issues with the results today - and this was partly caused by people forgetting their barcodes. Please, please try to remember to bring them. Parkrun rules do specify “no barcode no results” and while we do try to accommodate you it does sometimes cause issues ... so do what you can to help us make parkrun run smoothly!

We meet next week at the same time and the same place.

See you then

Lorna from Turku


Tampere parkrun #124 Leap Day parkrun 29.2.20

Leap day parkrun at Tampere parkrun

29th February 2020

Tampere’s 124th parkrun

What a difference a week makes! Last week I was RD in cold, grey, wet, blustery conditions ... today the temperature in Tampere was at least ten degrees colder but the sun was shining and it was truly a JOY to participate today! Thank you for Tuire for giving out the starting speech.


We had a lot to celebrate today, not only was the sun shining, the lake shimmering and everything sparkling in the frosty sunshine ....today was also a unique opportunity to run on a leap day (the next time is in 28 years ...and I’ll probably be cheering people on from the volunteer line at the ripe old age of 88!) and we also got to celebrate ELVIRA’s 100th parkrun, all of which have been done here in Tampere!


Fabulous attendance Elvira .... and thanks for all the volunteering you do too week after week arriving early and helping whoever is the RD set up the parkrun. YOU ARE A STAR PARKRUNNER!

Congratulations too to everyone who achieved a PB today .... there were eight of you, including Tuire (who overtook me at the u-turn and flew along the return leg today!) She was aided by the wonderful Oskari and our fabulous junior parkrunner Eleanora who zoomed round with Jansku ....fabulous team effort!

... and it was a JOY to see the youngster skipping along at one point (as well as sliding happily on an icy patch on the verge) as I tried my best to keep up with them (I failed, and got across the line almost two minutes after them but still a personal best this year in Tampere for me ...so I was happy!

Thanks as ever to the wonderful volunteer team who made today’s parkrun possible, especially Suvi who led us in a fabulous, fun warm up prior to the run.


There were ten first timers today- yippee! - hope you all enjoyed participating today. Hope to see you again soon!

We meet again next Saturday - same time (9:20 for the briefing) and same place (under the bridge). It’s international women’s day and there’s no better way to celebrate than inviting your friends to join us next week and cheering every participant (male and female) across the line.


If you would like to help volunteer next week please drop us an email or message on Facebook. Without volunteers there is no parkrun, but with YOUR help from time to time we can help others participate, improve their fitness and have fun. Post parkrun coffee at Sanna’s cafe is always fabulous and today parkrunner Leena sat outside in the sun! Wow!


Lyhyesti suomeksi:

Kiitos kaikille osallistujille. Karkauspäivän parkrun oli upean aurinkoinen. Paikalla oli jopa 10 ensikertalaista, hienoa! Tervetuloa uudestaan. Omia ennätyksiä tuli useammalle, onnea kaikille! Kiitos Tuirelle alkupuheen pitämisestä ja Suville alkulämmittelyn vetämisestä. Onnea Elviiralle pääsystä 100 -parkrun klubiin. WOW! Tulevana lauantaina on kansainvälinen naistenpäivä ja sen kunniaksi halukkaat voivat pukeutua violettiin. Nähdään silloin!


Tampere parkrun #117 – 11.1.2020

Second parkrun of the decade : January 11th 2020 event #117

Reminder please please remember to bring your parkrun barcode with you!


Almost one hundred people turned out for parkrun this morning ... Marvellous! The course wasn’t at all icy, in spite of it being below 0C, and it wasn’t too windy either ... compared to last week it was a lot more pleasurable to run today. And it was GREAT to run!

Sanna’s Salad Bar and Cafe was bustling with parkrunners afterwards and i love how we parkrunners take over the cafe on Saturday mornings. It’s especially nice to support an independent local business, (though I also like our alternative cafes in Ratina Mall when we go there!)

Almost a third of participants today were first timers (fantastic!) It was really lovely to welcome so many new people to our parkrun family (fast runners, joggers and walkers) including some visitors from England and a group who were training in Tampere. THANK YOU for chosing to run with us today.

7 people achieved PBs today (including two walkers) - CONGRATULATIONS to you all.

A huge thanks too to the small army of volunteers today, including our wonderful Event Director, Johanna, who was RD today! Olli was the U turn Marshall cum photographer today - you’ll find some of the photos on Facebook.


parkrun is run entirely by VOLUNTEERS and Tampere parkrun would really appreciate your help! The essential core roles (time keeping, distrusting tokens and scanning are easy to learn and volunteering a few times a year makes sure the event is sustainable long term) And as an extra incentive ...after 25 stints of volunteering you get a coveted purple parkrun T Shirt!

Processing the results was slightly tricky today (thanks Antti for helping fix things) so if there is a problem with your result do get in touch with us and we’ll try to rectify it.

Please REMEMBER to bring your barcode with you every week. The general rule at parkrun is “NO BARCODE NO RESULT” and as parkrun in Finland continues to grow we will soon be at the point where we will have to enforce this more strictly.

(Note It’s possible to buy a plastic barcode token to tie to your shoelace or belt, or order a parkrun barcode wristband from the U.K. (or you can simply use the paper print out or even laminate it yourself) - just remember to bring it with you!

Thanks again for participating in Tampere parkrun event #117.

See you same time (Saturday 9:30) same place (under the bridge near Ratina stadium) ..it’s FREE, it’s FUN and it’s FOR EVERYONE!

Lorna from Turku (one day we’ll have a parkrun of our own!)



Tampere parkrun #111 – 30.11.2019

It was a great morning for Tampere parkrun's event #111.


It was sunny and a little cold (-7C), but not much wind. The latter half of the route was icy, so we used our backup plan today of 2x a shorter distance. We had 43 participants and 10 volunteers.With Tokoinranta having to cancel today because of icy conditions, we received 6 tourists from Ormskirk parkrun (near Liverpool, England). We hope to see you all again!


And as always huge thank you to our volunteers.



Tampere parkrun #110 – 23.11.2019

Today was Tampere’s 110th parkrun and my last (well, in the 55-59 age category!) Next week (God willing!) I turn SIXTY and because I will be running in Helsinki (Tokoinranta) next Saturday we celebrated my birthday at my home parkrun here in Tampere with cake today!

Sanna’s salad bar and cafe is such a lovely place to hang out after the parkrun. I almost always indulge in a warm salmon sandwich and today I also had fun handing out a sliver of walnut and coffee cake to everyone.

We were 1 person shy of 50 participating today and the weather was perfect for running at this time of year. It was dry, there was no frost or ice and while Finland is, of course, really rather light deprived at this time of year, what light we did have was really nice and the grass still looks lush and green! I loved running today ... but I’m mindful that it won’t be long before the snow is here though, and I at least will be dusting off my spikes!

Today Tampere parkrun welcomed 6 first timers (so lovely to have you join us ... I really hope to see you all again soon!) and 7 participants recorded a new PB (yours truly was NOT one of them, though today a parkrun friend ran the course with me the whole way, which felt really special. Thank you Heather!)

Especially lovely for me too was that there were two visitors from my home town of Turku ... I’m really hopeful that one day we will have a parkrun of our own and I know every little spark of interest will help fuel the parkrun flame. Keep spreading the word everyone - parkrun is fun, it’s free and it really is for everyone!

My thanks as ever to the fabulous team of volunteers who made Tampere parkrun possible this week


Remember without the volunteers there is no parkrun. If you would like to help (take times, hand out tokens, scan tokens, write the report (any language!) etc etc it would be great. We can show you what to do if you haven’t volunteered in a particular role before. Please contact us via the Facebook page or send us an email to tampere@parkrun.com

Thanks again to EVERYONE for making today’s parkrun such a special one for me!

Lorna Koskela

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