Looking back at the #1 Tampere parkrun event

What a weekend!

The official start for the Tampere parkrun took place on the 14th of October.

We had prepared for this for a long time and now that it is behind us we think that we can look back with enjoyment and pride. Although there were quite a few obstacles along the way, we made it! Finland and Tampere are now in the parkrun map and part of the parkrun family.

And what a family parkrun community is. Along the way we have had so much encouragement, advice and support from our Scandinavian parkrun friends and from parkrun headquarters team. We have felt right at home from the start. So here goes huge Kudos to You all!

It is funny how things progress along the way. Planning Tampere parkrun the route alone changed so many times that we can't even remember. There was always some piece of the puzzle missing. Finally the start and finish was changed to current location (and this needs official acknowledgement) as suggested by Deri Thomas. In our opinion we have an excellent course, which is accessible to everyone, fast if you are aiming for PB, providing a scenic route along our beautiful Pyhäjärvi and last but not least is close to our favorite Sanna's Cafe.

Johanna Riippi from the Tampere City's "Liikkuva Tampere"-program and the core volunteer team have been co-operating closely and ideas flying constantly regarding the opening weekend. During a "training" trip to Stockholm we were presented with the idea of Moomin being part of the parkrun as Moomin museum is located in Tampere. Now this turned out to be quite an exercise but after Aitoon Säästöpankki promised to chip in we were able to offer our guests something unique: Moomin greeting the guests and running the pre-run exercise.

After Moomin and coverage of Tampere parkrun in the local newspaper Aamulehti we were confident that we would be getting good number of people joining us for the first ever parkrun in Finland. And we were right. 110 people from all around the world gathered in the Tampere city center on autumn morning preparing for the parkrun. All our fears of "what if no one shows up" disappeared as people started to show up in good numbers.

Organizing an event such as weekly parkrun you need a good volunteer base. Volunteers we have has made things even easier. It was so easy to get people to sign up and volunteer.

We are confident that with a start like this and volunteers we have Tampere parkrun is running into a bright future.