Tampere parkrun #15 – 20.1.2018

What a nice parkrun day behind us!

Weather was definitely made for parkrun today. -8c and no wind. Surface was covered in snow but not slippery at all. Trees covered in white frost and snow. Quoting visitors from Australia from last time: "It was like a magical forest".


We also had special guests this week. Dmitriy came all the way from Moscow to pay us a visit. Men from family Tiilikka were this time present in three generations. Noora was celebrating her birthday today and what better way to do that but to volunteer in parkrun!

And fingers crossed that Jansku gets his new wheel chair soon. Current chair is not really made for these conditions.

Tuire, Jansku and tokens.

9 volunteers made sure that everything went smoothly. Thank You to You all: Markku KAILA, Aino KOSKINEN, Tanja LAPONOGOVA, Hanna LEHTINEN, Noora POROLA, Teija RATILAINEN, Leena HEINO, Olli STRÖM, Dmitriy ZABEGAEV. Kiitos!

Volunteers of the Week

32 participants took part today. Kimmo Lassila had a good first parkrun being the first also in the results list. Congratulations!