Tampere parkrun #17 – 3.2.2018

Crisp -10c weather welcomed 36 happy parkrunners to Ratina park starting line. After few days of snowfall imagery was trademark Finnish Winter. At the starting line we had our regular participant Tobias from England in his trademark shorts too. After the race he did comment that gloves and a cap would have been nice.

Tobias before the run

There were plenty of PB's today which can be interpreted that the more chilly the weather, faster the participants want to cross the finnish line. 11 personal bests. Excellent.

One PB was noteworthy as Tapio Howard broke 40 minutes in 10 years category. Soon his father Michael will have hard time keeping up :) Well done both. Hot chocolate was well deserved!

Here is Tapio and Michael in the picture with the soon to be opened "parkrun Sauna". If only it would have been opened today alreay.

Tapio and Michael on their way to parkrun cafe.

It was such a pleasure to see parkrunners from 10 to 82 years enjoy the Tampere parkrun route. (Not counting the children in their carriages though) What ever your age or condition, you are able to do the 5k and most of all Welcome to so!

Nina and Heather with their children were taking most out of parkrun as they were volunteering at the turning point. Slide right next to turning point kept children (and adults) busy and warm all through the event to finally enjoy warm drinks at the parkrun Cafe Sanna's.

Thank You to all the volunteers making it happen today: Nina HAIKONEN, Leena HEINO, Sari HELMINEN, Ilpo HELMINEN, Marjo MÄKELÄ, Anneli OINONEN, Johanna RIIPPI, Heather SIIKARLA.

Volunteers of the week.

What a great day we had. See you all next week!

Leena and Elviira waiting for the start.