Tampere parkrun #20 – 24.2.2018


Tampere parkrun was held in "stunning" weather as one of visitors in Facebook put it. -20c with mild wind was definitely something different. Although it was quite chilly, the sun and almost clear sky were definitely a beautiful setting for the event.

Maybe it was the weather that lured a total of 5 first-timers to the event. That was almost a half of the dozen participants who came to the event. Not only the weather but also the gold medal that Iivo Niskanen skied in the Olympics gave a very special feeling for the whole Saturday morning.

French connection

Noteworthy was also the "french connection" at the event. We had three guests from France who came to enjoy a brisk Finnish Saturday morning at Ratinapark. It was very nice to meet you Mickael, Roger and Colin. Hopefully we meet again!

Hihnala brothers.

Hihnala brothers were keeping up the pace very nicely. Heikki was apparently just warming up with the 23:00 result for the 8 hour (!) trail biking session the same day to be organized by Kaupin Kanuunat, which is a popular biking club from Tampere. That must have been a great happening also.

Our volunteers were doing a great job once more. 6 volunteers (Antti ANTIKAINEN, Leena HEINO, Anneli OINONEN, Ulla SERGEJEFF, Antti STENHÄLL, Olli STRÖM, Jaana YLÄNEN) were making sure that we could again organize the event. Thank You All!

This weeks volunteers.

Final Thank You goes to Nina for uploading amazing pictures to Flickr Tampere parkrun group again. Your pictures were borrowed shamelessly to this article as well :)

And what would be a better way to end this run report other than a picture from Sanna's cafe table:

parkrun coffee and cake