Tampere parkrun #22 – 10.3.2018

22nd Tampere parkrun is now water under Laukontori bridge so to speak and what a great event is was once more.

Starting up

We had guests from North, South and East: Paula, parkrunner from Rovaniemi city in the Artic Circle (Pohjan Koitto - association). Svetlana, parkrun tourist from St Petersburg and Tony, parkrun tourist from Australia. It was great to meet you all and thank you for visiting Paula, Svetlana and Tony.

Tony, Svetlana


42 participants out of which 9 were first timers and 7 volunteers. Let's see if the numbers increase as (hopefully) Spring progresses.

Weather was also bit warmer this time. No more close to -20c but very close to 0c. Organizers fear of slippery route luckily didn't happen. Apart from bit of loose snow here and there it was just perfect. Sun was nowhere to be seen but who misses that when friendly people are all around us.

Great bunch of volunteers made sure that we could organize the event without worries. Huge thank you to all!

Antti ANTIKAINEN, Jyri HÄNNINEN, Leena HEINO, Elviira HEINO, Tuukka RIIPPI, Johanna RIIPPI, Juha SIMOLA, Olli Ström


Result wise we did great too. 9 runners recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations! Jarno and Antti did great runs and Jarno led by 1 second in the finish line. Paula from Rovaniemi was first female with also a great time.

Last but not least note about the event was the brand new wheelchair that Tuire and Janne-Matti got. As Tuire noted the old chair probably wouldn't have made it through the loose snow on the small bridge in the route. Chair looks cool and runs well. As a proof there is a new PB for Jansku with Joni!

Joni, Jansku and Tuire

See you next week at Tampere parkrun and Sanna's Cafe!