Tampere parkrun #28 – 28.4.2018

Nice Spring weather attracted nice number of participants to parkrun. We almost broke 100 participants as 97 walkers, joggers, runners started at 9:30 after race director's "GO" signal. On the volunteering side we had the pleasure of having Tampereen Kisatoverit (TKT) helping out.


They were also promoting their own Ensilä-half marathon during the Fall. 29.9.2018 one can first run parkrun and then head to Kauppi and run an officially measured half-marathon to Ensilä, where one can enjoy swimming and Sauna. Tampere parkrun definitely recommends trying it out!

It was also a pleasure as always to meet friends coming to Tampere parkrun from abroad. It was a pleasure to meet Andrew, Kay and Jo and William with his family.


Result wise the day was also a success as Erkki Rintala is getting into a very good form before this season. New track record 17:52 seemed to come very easily.

A very special Thank You to one of our participants for the excellent blog post: Blyygi Blumsteri. It is in finnish but definitely worth google translation!

It is also starting to feel like before Christmas as parkrun Sauna is being unwrapped. It may not take too long before we can enjoy recovery Sauna almost straight from the finnish line.


Oh, almost forgot. Next week we are having a special appearance as Moomin has woken up after long Winter. Moomin will be at the parkrun start location before and after the start.

Tampere parkrun with Moomin 5.5.2018

What a day and what a nice after parkrun coffee we had at Sanna's Coffee once more. See you all soon again!