Tampere parkrun #29 – 5.5.2018

First things first. Former route record holder 17 year old Mikko Eerola has been busy this year. He crossed the finish line after a 120% effort at time 17:08. Good luck Mikko to your orienteering efforts this season!

Mikko Eerola at the half point

We also had several guests visiting parkrun. Perhaps the most noteworthy appearance was from Moomin, who after a long Winter season had come to check how we were doing. And we are doing great. 80 participants and a bunch of volunteers greeted Moomin in a bit chilly Spring morning. Luckily things warmed up after Moomin sent parkrunners on their way.

Moomin with volunteers

We had several other visitors from all around too. Rosemary Egbe, titled as "#1 femaly parkrun tourist in the world" visited us with friends. Also enjoyed meeting Wonky Bear Jr :). From Poland we had a blogger Agnieszka, Brian, Tom, Glyn, Paul, Iwona, Melanie, Nicola, David, Lynn. Hope we rememmbered you all. You really brought warmth to our chilly morning with your friendly faces and greetings at the starting place and on the route. Hoping to meet you all again some day!

Moomin with friends

Rosemary and friends

parkrun guests


One particular guest we would like to highlight and at the same time we challenge the residents of City of Turku. Lorna is now taking the bus from Turku on Saturday morning to Tampere parkrun. As much as we like having her at our friendly parkrun we do believe that it is time that Turku gets a parkrun of it's own.

Lorna from Turku

This is now a request to all readers. Please share this to your friends in Turku area.

There must be active, enthusiastic people in Turku that would like to participate in a organizing parkrun there!


To wrap things here are few after parkrun pictures from the parkrun Sauna and coffee house Sanna's which we were glad to see got a full house with parkrunners queuing to get in!


Queuing in.