Tampere parkrun #45, 25.8.2018

It was to be a busy day for Tampere parkrun volunteers. After the parkrun there was Tampere Marathon organized by "Tampere Marathon Runners"-club. They have been helping out at parkrun and are also regular participants so it was only fair to lend them (a little) hand.

Thank you to the volunteers this week. Unfortunately Petri Haavisto and Antti Antikainen left earlier so they missed the mug shot.


And take a look at our new vests. Please, drop us a note if you would like to join us organizing this great event to ourselves. Without volunteers (you, me, us) there is no parkrun.

New vests

It was also noteworthy that after using the spare route for the most of the Summer, we were back at our regular route by the Laukonsilta and Stadium. This made volunteers job bit easier too as there was no need for the extra arrows to be laid out on the route. So back to routine parkrun it was.

Back to our regular route it is.

We had parkrun tourists from UK and South Africa: Bernell Verster, Maren Eckhoff, Luke Miller Steve Paull. It was nice to meet and talk to you. Steve took parkrun as a warming up for the Tampere marathon ad did our regular volunteer and participant Jarmo Tiilikka. Welldone both. Congratulations!

(Sorry for bad quality pic below!)

Maren and Luke with Johanna



Result wise our regular visitor Mikko Mehtonen kept fastest pace this week. We had a total of 41 people participating of whom 6 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Nice work.

Here are few pictures from Tampere marathon where Tampere parkrun volunteers were helping out.


Drinks for free...

Busy bees

Now if you made it this far, we can share a secret, dear parkrunner. Stay posted for exciting news about future parkrun events in Finland in the coming weeks ;)


Tampere parkrun #44 18.8.2018

We used again this Saturday our alternative route because of the Blockfest. Nevertheless parkrun was found by 58 parkrunners which 21 was first timers. Nest week we are using our original route.

We had Finns visiting us from Germany and the U.K. Thank you!

First comers

We also had Helena participating who finished her 100th parkrun! Congratulations and we hope to see you soon again!

First comers

Special Congratulations to Jenni Lahtinen who won gold medal in race walking last week!


Thank you for all our volunteers this Saturday:


We are using our normal route on 25.8.2018. You're welcome to participate Tampere Marathon after parkrun! More info: https://tampereenmaratonklubi.info/


Tampere parkrun #43, 11.8.2018

Once more Tampere parkrun was held in secondary route as the stadium area was taken up by Blockfest and concert apparel. Well that has been the case for several week this summer so everyone was well prepared.

We had a wonderful mix of parkrun tourists, first timers and regular participants. The total number of runners was well over 70. What a great amount of shiny, happy people!

What made it even more special was that we had group of volunteers from Tampere Maraton Club. They have been helping us before and it has been very much appreciated. Thank you!

Tampere parkrun volunteers are also planning give Tampere Maraton Club as they are organizing their maraton event on Saturday the 25th August.

Here is a collection of our guests from last Saturday. Especially we tip our hat for Evan SHKUL who ran an excellent time and being 9 years old. Probably soon father Sergei will have trouble keeping up with Evan :) Greetings to Shkul family to Sheffield!

First comers

Shkul family

Friends from Australia

Friends from England.

More friends from England.

And finally our excellent volunteers:


And to end this weeks (short) report to reminder that secondary route is still used next Saturday!


Tampere parkrun 4.8.18 #42

Tampere parkrun #42

This week 75 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part. We had a few technical difficulties with the results but together with a team of helpful volunteers we corrected errors and made all good again! :)

We had lovely visitors at least from Germany and U.K. Thank you all for coming and joining our parkrun!

Next Saturday some of our volunteers come from Tampere Maraton Club. Thank you!

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