Tampere parkrun #43, 11.8.2018

Once more Tampere parkrun was held in secondary route as the stadium area was taken up by Blockfest and concert apparel. Well that has been the case for several week this summer so everyone was well prepared.

We had a wonderful mix of parkrun tourists, first timers and regular participants. The total number of runners was well over 70. What a great amount of shiny, happy people!

What made it even more special was that we had group of volunteers from Tampere Maraton Club. They have been helping us before and it has been very much appreciated. Thank you!

Tampere parkrun volunteers are also planning give Tampere Maraton Club as they are organizing their maraton event on Saturday the 25th August.

Here is a collection of our guests from last Saturday. Especially we tip our hat for Evan SHKUL who ran an excellent time and being 9 years old. Probably soon father Sergei will have trouble keeping up with Evan :) Greetings to Shkul family to Sheffield!

First comers

Shkul family

Friends from Australia

Friends from England.

More friends from England.

And finally our excellent volunteers:


And to end this weeks (short) report to reminder that secondary route is still used next Saturday!