Tampere parkrun #55 – 3.11.2018 – All Saint’s Day

Quite an eventful parkrun we had in Tampere this week. All ingredients of a great event.


This is what we had:
- Loads of participants (62)
- Handful of volunteers (12)
- Plenty of first timers (14)
- 10 PB's
- Volunteering pacers for Wheelchair
- Second person to get 50 Tampere parkrun participations
- Volunteers reaching 25
- parkrun tourists from near and far (Russia, England, Ireland, Kerava)
- 50€ parking ticket (just to celebrate the 50th parkrun milestone ;) )
- And not to mention rain right after the event and one missing token (that we probably will get back though!)

Jansku's Team

When volunteers arrived at the scene things didn't seem too busy. All the way till 15-20 past 9 we were thinking that probably the Finnish Autumn weather was keeping participants at home. But once again few minutes before the bell a good number of people had arrived to take part. Conditions couldn't have been better with cloudy 8-9 degrees with slight wind but no rain.

New comer from Kerava dropped by while driving north to set the pace. Tuomas Kaihlavirta set the pace with excellent time of 17:19. Aleksandr from parkrun Sosnovka Russia was right at his heels and a regular participant Markus Välimäki made PB to get third place.

It was also nice to see so many new faces from near and far.

From Pori to England.

England and Ireland.

There is one thing that makes Tampere parkrun volunteers very pleased. Looking at the results we find the fast runners (sub 20min) followed by largest group of runners (20-30min). They make half of the total number of runners. Then we have participants all the way up to 1h. We are not only attracting the usual runners but we are also getting the walkers that one might not see on an average running event. So here goes a very special thank you to all that are enjoying our route a bit longer!


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