Tampere parkrun #98 – 1.9.2018

Today Tampere enjoyed a fantastic crossover of running events: our parkrun and the Tampere marathon. 

What is so lovely about this particular crossover is that it is more like a fusion of running events here in the city of Tampere. The marathon follows (part of) the parkrun route; many of the members of the Tampere marathon club run the park run, and very many of them also volunteer too. The very first time I was RD every other volunteer was from the Tampere marathon club. Wow! 

What’s more today our very own Event Director Johanna Riippi ran the full marathon, our most consistent participant Leena Heino (on 98 park runs all but two of them in Tampere) completed the half marathon, (congratulations!) and several of us who volunteer regularly at the parkrun were accepted as volunteers at the marathon helping at water stations, marshalling and (best of all!) giving out medals to all who ran the 10k, half or full marathon. What’s more the sun shone all day!

The parkrun was a great success too. Today Ulla was our fabulous RD and she and the rest of the volunteer team helped everything run very smoothly. Tampere parkrun is a fantastic “there and back beside the lake” course, relatively flat and with a nice mix of shade and sunny stretches. 

There were 54 participants today; 6 ran with us for the very first time 4 of whom ran their very first parkrun. Fantastic! We hope you enjoyed your parkrun today and that you’ll join us again very soon. 

Excitingly, 14 participants recorded a new PB (and a shout out too to Leena (previously mentioned) who used the park run as a warm up for the half marathon less than an hour later. Wow! 

There’s almost always a point on a Saturday morning (usually when my alarm goes off) that I genuinely wonder why on earth I’ve committed to running early on Saturday morning (yet again!) and today was no exception ... but as soon I arrived and met those who were volunteering or participating or later when I heard others cheering me on (especially across the finish line), I was reminded -and this is true week after week- that there’s honestly nothing I’d rather be doing ... parkrun is free, it’s so much fun, everyone is super friendly and it really is for everyone. (Walk, jog, run, interval run ... bring your dog, push a child in a buggy, someone in a wheelchair, run alone or alongside a friend ... you will find your place in the amazing parkrun family!)

On a personal note I’ve managed to run a parkrun every Saturday in August (in four different locations because of being on holiday). I love hanging out with the volunteers (wherever I participate) lending a helping hand with the set up /pack down as well as participating in the run itself. I was quite pleased with my time today today (not a PB) and very, very  happy to be back in my ‘home’ park run. I loved helping at the Tampere marathon too!

Hope to see you all again very soon!

Lorna from Turku, written on the Onnibus on my way home, one day we will have a park run of our own!)