Tampere parkrun #135 – 10.10.2021 – 4 vuotta!

We always have FUN at parkrun, but today was especially JOY-FULL as we got to celebrate Tampere parkrun’s 4 birthday. Yay!


A huge thanks to Outloud for sponsoring coffee and apple cake for parkrunners today at Sanna’s cafe … it was delicious and I really enjoyed lingering and chatting!

It was a double celebration as Nicole from South Africa - new to Tampere parkrun - celebrated her birthday and I was so happy to have another English speaker to chat with!

Today we were encouraged to have parkrun tourists from Wales join us ~ and a really neat connection is that one of the co-founders of parkrun here in Finland is Ulla, whose first parkrun - way back when - was in Wales when she was visiting a friend.

Fortuitous for us all!

I hope that at some point in the future (when the pandemic is truly behind us) some of us could make a trip to Wales to run a parkrun there to celebrate and cement that connection more fully!


Today the weather was great ~ the autumn colours are still with us, and while the sun didn’t actually break through it was warm and dry, perfect for walking or running the 5 k.

Tampere was quite busy today as a half marathon and 10 k were happening later, and I love how these kind of events can not only coexist but support each other as two of today’s volunteers (Cristian, timekeeper and Cherry, barcode scanner) we’re running the half with a start time of 1pm.

Thanks too to all the other volunteers who made today’s parkrun possible. Together we make this happen, week after week after week and it’s great!

parkrun happens every Saturday morning in different countries around the globe, and here it the Nordics our start time is at 9:30am (so we never have to run in the dark!)

Today there were 61 participants, including the fabulous group of walkers who crossed the line with the tail walker! There were five people who participated at Tampere parkrun for the very first time, and six who got a PB (personal best) … well done all of you, and an especial shout out to one of our juniors, Oscar, who ran his fifth parkrun and shaved two minutes off his time. Wow!


Lorna, from Turku

(One day we will have a parkrun of our own!)


Tampere parkrun #134 – 2.10.2021

What a great team at Tampere parkrun!
parkrun celebrates 17 years today - including 17 years of volunteering ~ and while Tampere parkrun isn’t quite that old (grin) like every parkrun around the globe it wouldn’t happen without the fantastic volunteers!
Thank you all!
Today it was a JOY to serve our parkrun family as RD (run director) at Tampere’s event #134.
It was my first time as RD since we moved to using the app after our restart in August (Covid 19 meant parkrun was suspended globally for over a year) and I have to say it’s so much easier ~ no pc, no clocks, no cables - it can all be done by phone even submitting the data (though I confess I used my mini iPad as the screen on my ancient phone is tiny!)
I feel very privileged to volunteer as part of a wonderful team - and want to give a huge shout out to Nina who has mentored this older lady (grin) in the RD role, and Olli who was my right hand person today (because admittedly I felt a bit rusty and was a bit nervous because of the long gap since I was last RD)
The trickiest task in being RD is gathering the “team of the day” (my term) - i.e the five people (including the RD) who voluntarily forsake their own run /walk to serve as time keeper (2), scanner or token distributor, plus the all important tail walker and the person who cycles to the turnaround spot to put out the u-turn sign (both of whom get times too)
There are heaps of other volunteers behind the scenes too: we have someone who takes the start video/photograph of the ‘team of the day’ at the end, and people who help set up and pack up etc … all are needed and all are appreciated!
Today’s run was pretty special for me because my young friend Lara (aged 11 not only ran her 10th run (a key milestone for juniors) but did so in record time - a personal best (PB) of under 40 minutes! Wow! I got such a kick watching her shift up a gear on the home straight - determined to get a good time. … and she nailed it.
I was also very excited to see my friend Ulla (who was the inspiration for getting Tampere parkrun up and running way back when), fly across the finish line in what was very very close (9 seconds off) to her PB, set way back at event #2! Well done!
Today there were three first timers (so glad you joined us) and four PBs.
parkrun is NOT a race but it’s very nice to celebrate not only participation but also people’s progress and improvement!
Tampere sparkled today!
The weather was bright and sunny (and warm for October) and the autumn colours were beautiful. It will look quite different when I’m RD next (just before Christmas) when the trees will be bare but with luck we might have dry, bright weather then too! Who knows?what we do know is that (barring dangerously icy conditions) Tampere parkrun happens every Saturday at 9:30am! Isn’t that fantastic!
I’m so thankful to be part of parkrun ~ for me parkrun - whether running, walking or volunteering - is the perfect antidote to winter depression. I love being part of the parkrun family and really look forward to my visits!
See you next week when we will celebrate Tampere parkrun’s fourth birthday!
Same time!
Same place!
(With a different RD and team of volunteers!)
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