Tampere parkrun number 187

Today was my 102nd parkrun but my very first as tail walker* in Tampere.

We had a blast at the back - dancing and bopping, cheering every park runner (and a few non parkrunners too - oops!) as they went by in their return leg and laughing and chatting as we covered the 5km. We even remembered to collect the u-turn sign and cone and bring those back to the start.


Thank you Heather and Anna for being such great company.

Today there were 25 participants including two first timers, Atte and Mikael, who ran their very first parkrun today. I really hope you enjoyed it and still think it was worth to get here! A warm welcome awaits you - and everyone - again next Saturday, same time (9:30am) and same place (by Laukonsilta bridge)!

Thanks to all the lovely volunteers who made this week’s parkrun happen. Johanna our lovely Run Director was wearing seven layers of woolly socks!

wooly socks

One of the best things about parkrun is that it’s as much a social event as a place to participate in a timed 5km walk or run every week. Here in Tampere we love our post parkrun coffee and today a large crowd of us gathered in Espresso House (in Ratina shopping centre). Join us next week if you can.

Julia will be our RD (run director next week) if you’d like to help as a volunteer let us know by email tampere@parkrun.com or through Facebook messenger!

Hope to see you soon!

Lorna from Turku
One day we will (I hope) have a parkrun of our own

*I’ve now tail-walked in four of the six parkruns in Finland :)

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