Tampere parkrun #194; 25 Feb 2023


I worked with the BEST team of volunteers ever today. Seriously we had so much FUN on the start/finish line that I feel just a tiny bit guilty getting a Volunteer credit today. I’m also very thankful for those who helped behind the scenes too (you know who you are).

We would really appreciate more people coming forward to volunteer in the next few weeks - If you could offer to help in some capacity, especially eg offering to put out the u turn sign (by bike, e-scooter (in summer) or by car, and if you get back to the start by 9:30 am you can still run!) and the all important time keepers, scanners etc on the start/ finish) or even setting up /packing up we would be very grateful. Please do contact us or sign up with the RD on the day for a future week

Volunteering is FUN - honest :)

Interestingly, the five start /finish line volunteers today were from five different nations (USA, Finland, UK (England) Sri Lanka and Spain (Catalonia) and additionally there were runners / volunteers from South Africa, Portugal and Brazil too today.

I love that Tampere parkrun is so international and I’m thankful too that the Finns at parkrun are so patient and forgive my very mediocre Finnish too.

I checked the course yesterday, and the route was near perfect winter running. This morning, however, there was a nasty cold headwind for the return leg, and the new snow made the course a bit trickier. It wasn’t icy though and so participants were able to run the whole normal course which was great! Not surprisingly, though, there were no PBs!

We had FIVE first timers today - hurrah! - as well as one participant who returned to Tampere for their all important second run. That’s so encouraging!

A lot of regular parkrunners were away this week as it’s the start of the school half term ‘skiing holiday’ so it was nice that we were able to put on parkrun today and 21 participants could walk/run the course. yippee!

Jansku got what I think might be his best ever finish, (token 5), thanks to the heroic efforts of Jyri who pushed his sporty wheelchair; and that freed Tuire to be our tailwalker too. It’s awesome that Tampere is so inclusive and those who can help Jansku to have a ‘thrilling run’.

We always go for coffee afterwards. It’s where we process the results too (if you don’t wish to join that’s ok too, but for me it’s a wonderful part of belonging to the Tampere parkrun family).

Thank you all for your contribution today!
See you again soon

Don’t forget: Tampere parkrun runs every Saturday at 9:30 am. We always start by Laukansilta Bridge, so why not invite a friend, colleague or neighbour to come down next time … they can walk, jog or run the course, dogs (1 per person) are allowed (short leash please) and babies and smaller kids in buggies are all welcome. If someone is in a wheelchair they too are warmly welcome (and they and the person pushing both get times).

You see parkrun really IS for everyone! It’s FREE and it’s so much FUN.

LORNA from Turku,
One day we really will have a parkrun of our own, but for now I’m happy to belong to Tampere’s parkrun family