Tampere parkrun Uuden Vuoden tapahtuma peruttu – New Years day event cancelled

Ikävä kyllä Tampere parkrun ei järjestä Uuden Vuoden tapahtumaa paikallisten Covid määräysten takia.

Unfortunately due to local regulations regarding Covid situation the New Years day event is cancelled.


Tampere parkrun #146 – Pikkujoulut 18.12.2021

Wow - Lots of Christmas Elves and Santa at Tampere parkrun #145 We’d seen Santa (aka joulupukki) on the parkrun route yesterday (on a water jet on the lake!) checking if the parkrun elves were doing a good job of checking the route.


It was really lovely that Santa came back to cheer us all on today too - sweets for the ‘kiltti’ participants and of course the wonderful volunteers!


Congratulations this week to:

- Julia, first time as RD (you did brilliantly!)

- Jyri, who completed his 100th parkrun

- the five first timers (so glad you found us!)


Unsurprisingly there were no PBs today - winter running is slower, and while the course wasn’t too icy at all, caution is required. You can find all the results here:


Also of interest: An otter has been spotted near the parkrun route … I didn’t see it (laughingly I joked that I was running too fast, but the reality is I enjoyed a really pleasant slow jog today, but I will look out for him/her next time I’m here in Tampere!)

Until next time,

Lorna from Turku (one day we will have a parkrun of our own)


Tampere Parkrun is ON on Christmas Day (25.12.) and New Year’s Day (1.1.) unless COVID restrictions...  (normal time, normal place, post parkrun coffee will be at the petrol station, which opens at 10).

The roster is full for Christmas Day but we are still in need of volunteers for New Year’s Day. Please let us know if you can help - email tampere@parkrun.com or leave a message on Facebook

Note: there is no parkrun (anywhere in Finland) on Christmas Eve (24.12.) this year.


Tampere parkrun #142 – 27.11.2021

Perfect Winter Conditions for today’s parkrun in Tampere, Finland route We never take parkrun for granted here in Finland, especially in the winter.

Ironically, when it’s really, really cold (minus 15-20 C) and there’s compact snow, conditions underfoot are usually quite ok to run … it’s when the temperature hovers around 0 C (as it was midweek here) that the constant melting/ refreezing can make conditions like an ice-rink, and the Run Director must make the tough call to cancel because it’s just too risky!

The RD (Nina) and I did a pre-run check of the course late yesterday afternoon - as the sun was setting - and tbh I was really, really surprised that the conditions were so good … we were in agreement that we could make the decision NOT to cancel ~ and it turned out to be the right call! Yay! The temperature dropped still further in the night and when we set off at 9:30am it was jolly cold, around minus 10C - our first real winter parkrun in a long, long time (because of the pandemic) and perfect conditions underfoot!

Volunteering in these conditions is quite a challenge of course - so a huge thanks to everyone who stood on the start/ finish line and also the lovely marshal /photographer who cheered everyone on at the U turn. vol The challenge in volunteering in the winter is not only keeping warm enough (especially fingers when timing) but also keeping the phones working. Well done to the RD for keeping her nerve as even with extra power packs one of the timer’s and one of the scanner’s phones gave up the ghost!

Every week we are in need of volunteers to (at the absolute minimum) give out tokens, scan barcodes and take the times, and tbh sometimes we scrabble around getting a team together!Remember WITHOUT ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN HAVE PARKRUN - so if YOU could give up your run occasionally so the event can go ahead we’d all be really grateful. Remember too: after 25 volunteering stints you get a lovely purple T-shirt!

You can sign up to volunteer here https://www.parkrun.fi/tampere/volunteer/

Huge CONGRATULATIONS today to Tuire and Jansku who made it over the line today in spite of Jansku’s wheelchair getting a puncture, which made the 5km a humongous effort for them. Well done for making it back! jansku Today there were 56 participants, 8 of whom were first timers and one PB, Kaj RÅSTEDT, who improved his time by 2.5 minutes! Well done!

It was also lovely that TAMPERE TOAST MASTERS joined us today.

You can find the results here https://www.parkrun.fi/tampere/results/latestresults/

As you can see, there were - sadly - quite a few participants who appear as UNKNOWN in the results, because they didn’t present their barcode.

Remember you MUST PRESENT YOUR BARCODE for your time to be registered to you. NO BARCODE = NO RESULT, Please bring a printed copy of your barcode with you (this has your ICE contact number on it - which we really hope we’d never have to use ….but still! …) or you can also show your barcode from your phone nowadays.

I had the joy of running with two friends today ~ we didn’t break any records because we stopped and took loads of photos. Tampere - especially the shoreline - was looking exceptionally beautiful this morning, with frost on the ground, and mist over the water which lifted as the sun rose. It’s parkrun mornings like this I feel most alive! I’m so thankful for parkrun - and especially grateful we didn’t need to cancel today.

We meet again same time, same place next week.

Lorna, your tireless run report writer, from Turku

(One day we will have a parkrun of our own!)


Tampere parkrun #139 – 6.11.2021

November sunshine ~ parkrun #139 6.11.2021

I love volunteering at parkrun - and today was an absolute joy to serve as RD because of the fabulous team of women (including two wonderful teens) at the start-finish line. (Thanks to those who served behind the scene, including juniors who sorted the tokens after the event, and also our tailwalker!)

We were so lucky with the weather today. After so many days of dark, wet weather the sun came out and lifted all our spirits. It was of course quite cold (3C) but this is Finland after all!

It was quite an international turn out with visitors from the U.K. and Denmark, as well as parkrun tourists from Tokoinranta (Helsinki). I love chatting with so many people before the start!!

Today one of our youngest parkrunners, Julius (six years old next week) ran the course for the very first time (he’s cycled with his mum and older brother many times before) - in under 40 minutes and best of all was his comment “mum, I want to run this everytime!”. How brilliant is that!

There were five PBs ~ well done everyone,; and a total 56 runners/joggers and walkers.

We meet again next Saturday, same time, same place … and as ever we would really appreciate it if you could volunteer send us an email tampere@parkrun.com or leave a message on facebook!

Lorna from Turku


Tampere parkrun #135 – 10.10.2021 – 4 vuotta!

We always have FUN at parkrun, but today was especially JOY-FULL as we got to celebrate Tampere parkrun’s 4 birthday. Yay!


A huge thanks to Outloud for sponsoring coffee and apple cake for parkrunners today at Sanna’s cafe … it was delicious and I really enjoyed lingering and chatting!

It was a double celebration as Nicole from South Africa - new to Tampere parkrun - celebrated her birthday and I was so happy to have another English speaker to chat with!

Today we were encouraged to have parkrun tourists from Wales join us ~ and a really neat connection is that one of the co-founders of parkrun here in Finland is Ulla, whose first parkrun - way back when - was in Wales when she was visiting a friend.

Fortuitous for us all!

I hope that at some point in the future (when the pandemic is truly behind us) some of us could make a trip to Wales to run a parkrun there to celebrate and cement that connection more fully!


Today the weather was great ~ the autumn colours are still with us, and while the sun didn’t actually break through it was warm and dry, perfect for walking or running the 5 k.

Tampere was quite busy today as a half marathon and 10 k were happening later, and I love how these kind of events can not only coexist but support each other as two of today’s volunteers (Cristian, timekeeper and Cherry, barcode scanner) we’re running the half with a start time of 1pm.

Thanks too to all the other volunteers who made today’s parkrun possible. Together we make this happen, week after week after week and it’s great!

parkrun happens every Saturday morning in different countries around the globe, and here it the Nordics our start time is at 9:30am (so we never have to run in the dark!)

Today there were 61 participants, including the fabulous group of walkers who crossed the line with the tail walker! There were five people who participated at Tampere parkrun for the very first time, and six who got a PB (personal best) … well done all of you, and an especial shout out to one of our juniors, Oscar, who ran his fifth parkrun and shaved two minutes off his time. Wow!


Lorna, from Turku

(One day we will have a parkrun of our own!)