Run report event #71, November 20th 2021

Tokoinranta parkrun

I was happy this morning when I noticed that we got a sunny day for our parkrun. I had signed up for run reporting and I wanted to publish my own photos so a bit of sun makes the photos look nicer than the normal grey weather that we can have sometimes in November.

I thought that some photos from the course will show those of you who plan to come to Helsinki what it looks like.

runners starting at Tokoinranta

Our route is very beautiful as we start at Tokoinranta and cross the railway bridge to come over to Töölönlahti Bay. As we run along the bay we pass the Finlandia Hall and the Opera House.

Before we come to the U-turn point we can see the amusement park Linnanmäki. At the U-turn we give our marshal a high five and run back the same way.

Finlandia HallFinlandia Hall

Opera HouseOpera House

Today I took it easy with running as I stopped many times and took photos. A good thing with parkrun is that it does not matter if you run quickly or slowly, or if you prefer to walk. Parkrun is not a competition. I came first in my age group today even if I run very slowly, as there are not so many women in my age running here.

Another good thing with parkrun is that you get to know so many wonderful people. Today I ran a while together with different running friends and had a small chat at the same time.


Aspa is one of my running friends. She gave me permission to tell her story in this blog and publish the photo. In March 2020 Aspa was running her 100th parkrun. At this time Aspa was about four months pregnant and still fit to run. After that we had to close down our parkrun because of COVID restrictions. Today one and a half years later, and our fourth run after we reopened, Aspa is running with a buggy, and toddler Alex is really enjoying it!

Aspa, Tom and AlexAspa and Tom with Alex in the buggy

Today we had 53 people that ran, jogged and walked with us, of whom 19 were first timers. We had running tourists from England, Scotland, Belfast, Sydney, Hong Kong and Poland.

Today’s event was made possible by 10 volunteers and here are some of them: Karlina, Bridie, John, Sanna, Tom and Darren.

Tokoinranta parkrun volunteersKarlina, Bridie, John, Sanna, Tom and Darren

You are welcome to give it a try if you have not been running with us yet. Afterwards we all gather for a cup of tea or coffee in La Torrefazione, Hakaniemi. Volunteering is also very rewarding and you get to meet all these wonderful people.

Rut Nordlund-Spiby



Run report #70, November 13th 2021

image0 (2)

I have recently completed the Tokoinranta parkrun and it was fantastic! I'm based in London and usually complete the Fulham Palace (or others close by), but this was my first overseas, and my 8th parkrun in total. I was told I could be spotted as a tourist as I turned up in shorts, something the locals don't do and I can see why - it was 2 degrees!

I received a very friendly welcome with lots of information from the parkrun director and volunteers, just before starting at 9:30am. The start is on the bay, in the most beautiful setting.

image1 (2)

Once we got started, the 46 of us running around the bay, up a hill and around Töölönlahti and back around again. I had to stop 2 or 3 times to take pictures - it's truly one of the nicest running routes I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It also helped to have a dry and wind free day! As you finish, the wonderful volunteers and runners who had already finished were cheering the remaining runners on which really does help you get through the finish line!

Afterwards, the friendly group go for coffee nearby and invite everyone along. I joined as a tourist in town for the weekend, and was a really fun and great atmosphere, getting to hear everyone's stories of their usual weekly runs and gaining some tips for the weekend in Helsinki! Also, the café give all parkrunners who show their barcode a 10% discount. Win win.

image2 (2)

Thank you so much for the volunteers who take time out of their day to make sure this event can go ahead, and to everyone at Tokoinranta parkrun for making this my favourite and most enjoyable run to date.

Adam Baxter





Run report #68

After a long wait, we parkrun lovers were delighted to hear that Tokoinranta parkrun would finally start again on October 30th, just in time for Halloween. Many regular Tokoinranta volunteers warmed up their volunteering skills at Puolarmaari, a brand-new parkrun in Espoo, which launched few weeks prior. After all, it has been quite a while since we last did this. A little practice was probably needed after such a long break.

The weather on the eve of Halloween was surprisingly warm for the end of October, but quite windy. The starting area doesn’t provide much cover but starting a run right next to the bay is always worth it. By 9:30 (parkrun tourists take note of the later start time), all runners and volunteers were in position to start.


The course is the same as it has been from the beginning. First, we go along the seaside for a flat start on a gravel path. After your warm-up on the flat, there is a hill up to the Linnunlaulu bridge taking us over the railroad. After crossing the bridge there is a steep downhill leading to the beautiful Töölönlahti (Töölö Bay), where you can spot swans and many other birds. The route continues around Töölönlahti towards Finlandia Hall and the national opera, almost making a loop. Just before the railroad bridge is the u-turn point, where a friendly volunteer will greet you. This is where we head back the same way towards the finish line.


The reopening lured some parkrun tourists and even some first timers to try out the course in autumnal Helsinki. Overall, 42 runners, joggers and walkers took part at the Tokoinranta relaunch.

Tokoinranta is my home parkrun and this weekend I was very happy to do my 50th run here.

After this refreshing start of the weekend many of us have coffee, tea, and other refreshments in the nearby café la  Torrefazzione where you get 10% discount every Saturday between 10-12 by showing your barcode. It’s a wonderful way to socialize with other parkrunners, and maybe warm up if the weather has been a little chilly.

This reopening was made possible with 9 volunteers. The role of volunteers is essential, and therefore we ask all regular participants to volunteer every now and then. The tasks are easy to learn and if everyone helps every now and then we all can enjoy our weekly, free event every Saturday.





Tokoinranta parkrun is restarting soon!

(In English below)

Valmistelut ilmaiseen, viikottaiseen ja vapaaehtoisten järjestämään 5km ulkoilutapahtumaan ovat kovassa käynnissä! Vaadittavat hakemukset ovat menneet perille, odotamme vain Helsingin kaupungin ja parkrun HQ:n lupaa aloittaa uudelleen. Ilmoitamme täällä, kun saamme aloituspäivän tietoomme.

Emme malta odottaa tuttua lauantaista parkruniamme. Viimeiset 19 kuukautta ovat meille näyttäneet, kuinka tärkeää ulkoilu ja aktiiviisuuden ylläpito todella ovat. Tapaamme mielellämme taas Tokoinrannassa, olit sitten parkrun-veteraani, tai kokeilemassa parkrunia ensimmäistä kertaa!

Lisäinfoa parkrunista, sekä ohjeet rekisteröitymiseen ensimmäiselle parkrunille löydät osoitteesta:

Tapahtuman aloitusta odotellessa voitte toki jakaa tämän tiedon perheelle ja ystäville!


Preparations are well underway to get Tokoinranta parkrun, your free, weekly, volunteer 5k event, restarted! We are pleased to announce that we have all the necessary paperwork submitted and we are just waiting for the Helsinki city and parkrun HQ to give us the final thumbs up. As soon as we have a start date we will announce it here.

It has been long 19 months so we cannot wait to have the little bit of normality that is our parkrun Saturdays back. If there is anything we can learn from this whole situation it's that getting outside and staying active is more important than ever, so whether you are a parkrun veteran, or yet to attend one, we are hoping to see you at Tokoinranta soon!

More information about parkrun and how to register for your first one can be found on our website

In the meantime feel free to share the with family and friends!


Tokoinranta Event #2 – 06.10.2018: A Tourist’s Perspective

When I heard there was a new parkrun in Helsinki beginning the week before I was due to be there for work, I did what any obsessive parkrun tourist would do: I changed my plans and stayed for an extra night! Needless to say, I was excited about this one.




It was a fine, dry and a surpringly mild morning for a venue this far North and in October. We had a healthy turnout - week 2 is always going to take a dip after the inaugural event.




However, you wouldn't have known this was only event #2 for Tokoinranta. Everything is very well organised; a very clearly marked-out course complete with lead bike, amazingly friendly and plentiful volunteers and an all-round seamlessly executed event. I'm sure many Fins take this for granted but us Brits are enormously impressed by Robson delivering the pre-run talk in no fewer than 3 languages (I didn't realise Swedish is so ubiquitous here).




The course itself is splendid. You meander around a placid stretch of water with views across to characterful painted-timber buildings and a distant fairground, past the Opera House and back over a railway bridge (with a slightly testing incline). Everyone is warmly welcomed back at the end of the 5k.




Stats for the day:
47 participants; 10 volunteers; 11 PBs, 30 First Timers, runners travelling from Australia, South Africa, the UK and (perhaps we shouldn't get too excited this early on) but we also had both male and female course records today.


I'm only sad I missed the post-run coffee, but I do have a plane to catch...


Thanks Tokoinranta.


Spesh Maloney
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