Puolarmaari parkrun is cancelled on 2021-11-27 – Icy and unsafe conditions

Holiday schedule

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As Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on Saturdays this year, the event team at Puolarmaari parkrun have made a decision to not hold events on those days (25.12. and 1.1.).

We will celebrate the end of the year with a festive holiday event on Saturday, 18.12. and then will resume after the holidays on Saturday, 8.1.

To check the status of other Finland parkrun events over the holidays, please click here.


Run report #2

The weather could not have been more different from the inaugural event the week before. Freezing rain and sleet with the occasional snow flurries were really making me question whose idea was it to get up at the crack of dawn and head to Espoo all the way from the other side of Helsinki for Puolarmaari parkrun event number two. But Saturdays are parkrun days no matter the weather!

Despite the cold morning, the turnout was great, with many first timers and visitors, but also return participants from the week before. It was especially great to see a good mix of speedy runners, walkers, families with young kids and people with dogs - no one is too slow or too fast for a parkrun and whether it takes you 18 minutes, or 60+ minutes to get around the 5km course, you get cheered across the finish line by the lovely volunteers just the same.

This was my first time officially running the route, a gorgeous loop on well maintained (and very well sign-posted!) forest paths. It has a little bit of everything - wide, open track of the first and last kilometre, gorgeous forest trail along a lake around the 3rd kilometre mark and a bit of undulation to keep it fun and interesting throughout, definitely my favourite kind of running environment. I got to run with Lumi, my 4-legged friend from Turku, so the extra help on the inclines was a bonus. Dogs are welcome to walk and run at parkrun, just make sure to keep them on a short lead and remain mindful of other participants and dog walkers in the area as parkrunners do not have priority and we share the park with everyone else.

Lumi pic 2 (edited)

At this event 65 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests (PBs). The event was made possible by 11 volunteers. Full results can be found here.

Afterwards many of us piled into the park cafe for a hot cup of coffee. The warm pastries and grilled cheese toasties were especially popular this week. The core team swiftly processed the results, and the buzz of everyone receiving their parkrun results email is always one of my favourite things to witness - PBs and congratulations from fellow parkrunners, friendly competition between friends, and plans to return to try again next week. That's the true magic of parkrun - same time, same place, every Saturday.

With Tokoinranta parkrun restarting in Helsinki this Saturday (30th Oct) I am really excited to have two parkruns in the Finnish capital area! Tokoinranta couldn't be more different from Puolarmaari with its city centre location, but both have spectacular views and are organised by passionate teams of volunteers so whether you are a Helsinkian, an Espoonian or from further afield, I hope you'll give both parkruns a go. And please volunteer if you can as the volunteers are parkrunners too and if everyone helps out now and again, everyone gets to experience the joy of this free, weekly event for a long time. Personally, I can't think of a better way to kick off your weekend!



Run report #1

It’s a dog’s life ~ woof woof

On Saturday I ran my very first barkrun - oops did I get that wrong? I mean parkrun!
And not just any parkrun … it was an inaugural parkrun, Puolarmaari (Espoo)’s first ever parkrun!

I’m so lucky that dogs (who keep their adult under control and on a short leash) are really very welcome to walk or run the 5km parkrun course with others: lovely humans (adults and children) and of course other dogs! (NB Only one dog in charge of one human, otherwise they might cause chaos, you know!)

I’ve been at parkrun before - volunteering (usually somewhere near the start/finish line) with my owner, Lorna, but this was the first time I’ve actually participated in the run/walk. It was GREAT! I mean REALLY GREAT!

When we set off at first I wondered where she’d got to (she’s not nearly as fast at running as her friends!) … and kept looking back, but then I forgot all about her as my human friend, Nina, and I trotted round the course, and we went fast! It was lovely ~ all through the forest on nice, springy trails and there were signs to help prevent Nina getting us lost!

As we started quite near the back, my mission was to hunt down (and pass) humans in front of us. Apparently I did quite well … we got a time of 31:47 … not a PB (personal best) for Nina (but she’s had more parkrun practice than me) … and honestly we would have gone faster if I’d had my way … but she bizarrely chose to brake on the downhills and absolutely refused to let me gallop, what a spoil sport! (To be honest, I’m not supposed to do that - and she was told - but I really, really like to gallop when I am allowed as it’s such FUN!)


Towards the end of the 5k we whizzed through the funnel and it was only when I had crossed the line that I saw Lorna. What a shock, she wasn’t behind us at all! She hadn’t run or walked at all! … she wasn’t being lazy though, she told me she had stayed at the start and that she, Karlina and Anna had been busy as volunteers, bleeping people’s barcodes as they crossed the finish line!

At the inaugural on Saturday there were 102 humans - all first timers - and ten lovely volunteers. Did you know parkrun is run entirely by volunteers? … only humans can volunteer, sadly, but without them there is ~ quite simply ~ no parkrun at all. So if everyone takes a turn now and then, everyone, including the lovely event director Scott, can get to run or walk the course sometimes too! I’d like to run with him sometime, and see if I can get a better time!

If you’d like to volunteer you can contact Scott and team here: puolarmaari@parkrun.com.

You’ll be shown what to do … apparently it’s not hard! … and after 25 volunteering stints you get a nice purple t-shirt like the one Nina is wearing in our photo.

The weather was great on Saturday - sunny and dry, and there were nice autumn colours everywhere! Best of all it wasn’t raining! (I don’t mind the rain myself, but my human complains about it - a lot! - even though she and so many others turn up at parkrun week after week, whatever the weather!)

Here in Finland parkrun happens every Saturday at 9:30am, which is a perfect time for me.

I liked the time after the parkrun too.

After our run I helped cheer all those who crossed the line after me, and then helped pack up. Then, hurrah!, there were treats ~ for everyone ~ at the cafe!

I got to hang out with my best friend Muska, while the humans got snacks for themselves in the cafe. My human said the coffee was lovely and that the toilets were clean. Apparently those things matter to her even more than the weather! Oh and there’s free parking too!

The good news is that she’s told me that we will go to Espoo again next week too, when we will be the tail walkers. I thought that meant I could excitedly wag my tail (and probably I can!) but she also explained that it means we WALK all the way (sigh!), stay at the back (no overtaking!) and have the additional responsibility of making sure all the humans (and dogs) and the signs get back safely to the finish line and to the cafe!

Hope to see you on Saturday!
Remember: parkrun is free, fun and for everyone … so bring your friends along too

Tinka and her human, Lorna, from Turku
(one day we will have a parkrun of our own)

PS woof woof, don’t forget your barcode!

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